New town. New characters. Another murder mystery?

Controlling emotions

The gameplay is more of the same for a graphic adventure title. You’ll be making choices as you deem appropriate to move along with the story. Big choices don’t really affect the course of the story but affect your relationship with the cast characters. A lot of objects to interact with in each area, so be sure to explore everything. The gimmick this time around is Alex’s ability to read people’s emotions. It works well for the game’s story but as a gameplay device, it’s fine. I’m not too thrilled about using it because, in my opinion, using it during the game’s big decisions feels like I’m picking the wrong choice. It’s harmless when I use it to interact with certain objects and characters but during the story’s big choices, I’m against it. That’s just me obviously but I never used Alex’s power when it came to these moments. It’s cool when characters start glowing a certain color because of their emotion but as for a gameplay device, it’s okay. It’s somewhat bare bones for the gameplay but that’s to be expected for graphic adventure games. It works and that’s all I can really ask for.

Alex (right) helping her brother, Gabe (left), pick flowers for his girlfriend

Another murder mystery (no spoilers)

The story of Life is Strange: True Colors is about Alex Chen reuniting with her brother, Gabe, in the town of Haven Springs, Colorado. This is their first time seeing each other after a number of years. When she arrives, she meets the locals and starts enjoying life in Haven Springs. Suddenly, someone in the town gets killed. Alex Chen brings it upon herself to solve the new murder mystery of Haven Springs with the help of some new friends.

Alex and Gabe having a chat on the rooftop

Frames, bugs, and crashes

Presentation and performance is a little all over the place. When I played Life is Strange: True Colors on the PS5, there wasn’t an option for 60 frames per second (fps) gameplay, only 30 fps. Recently, Square Enix announced PS5/Xbox Series X can now do 60 fps gameplay which is cool if I decide to play it again. It’s just weird it wasn’t there when it launched on the platform and locked the game at 30. I’m sure they were rushed to get it out on PS5/Xbox Series X and didn’t have time to make it stable at 60 fps. It’s fine now but rather disappointing, as this is my first time playing a Life is Strange game on console. I usually buy these games on PC but decided to buy it on console to see how it held up. I was made aware of no 60 fps gameplay after I bought it. I ran into some weird glitches. One time, a character spoke their lines twice. Another time, this game breaking glitch happened where the entire screen went black except for the parts I could interact with. So, I was playing a guessing game where to move in order to advance my progress. Even after I restarted from the last checkpoint, it did it again. Lastly, the game straight up crashed on me which is kind of funny. I didn’t expect that to happen but the game ran smoothly after that. Outside of those three bugs, the game runs fine on the PlayStation 5. It’s not sporting the highest graphics for the generation but looks good for the Life is Strange series. Performances all around by the cast of characters is great. I believed in their performances, especially in our main lead, Alex Chen. I bought into development as a character and was glad to see her progress through the story. The music hits the right notes once again for the Life is Strange series, bringing back vibes from the first game. I’m content with how Life is Strange: True Colors runs on the PS5, despite the few glitches I ran into.

Alex in the flower shop talking to Riley

Worth your money?

Overall, Life is Strange: True Colors is a welcome addition to the franchise. Taking pages out of the original game, Life is Strange: True Colors is able to present a new story while keeping players hooked the whole ride through. The power of seeing someone’s emotions works well as a story device but not so much for gameplay. If you’re familiar with other graphic adventure titles, nothing should surprise you in terms of the gameplay. The presentation and performance is fine on PS5, despite the mishaps I ran into. If you enjoyed any previous installment in the Life is Strange series, Life is Strange: True Colors should deliver on the expectations of another coming of age story while exploring a small town. If you’ve never played a Life is Strange game before but you like coming of age stories, give this one a shot. You don’t need any prior knowledge of the series, so you can just jump right into it. The game is still going for $60 at the moment but you are getting an eight to nine hour adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed Life is Strange: True Colors and cannot wait for more by DeckNine.


I want to talk about certain story pieces in my review without having to give a spoiler warning in the middle of it.
This is now your official spoiler warning, the rest of this article will contain spoilers for Life is Strange: True Colors.



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